Buying & Selling Real Estate

Advice you can put to work & make big decisions.

Prominent Real Estate Services goal is simple: we deliver marketing and advice that is of the highest standard. The quality of service we provide will always be of impeccable quality regardless of your homes price range.

Extraordinary Is A Promise



If you are buying with us, you can expect us to give you everything we have. We will put our research team to work to find you the right listings  that match your criteria exactly. We care about what you needs are, and we recognize why you pay us a commission, it is to protect your best interests so we can get you and your family into the right home at the best value you can afford.



Selling with our team means you will get the same level of service that you would get if you were buying. We will put our premium marketing services to work for your home no matter what the sale price is. This includes taking high quality pictures, discussing how to maximize value, virtual tours, social media, search engines &  marketing through our international channels.



Our associates provide service in English, Chinese and more. We also offer professional translation services when needed.


Prominent Real Estate prides itself on providing clients with honest and informed advice, while working together to establish aspirational goals and achieve performance benchmarks that are both rigorous and attainable. No matter the real estate transaction we can help get it done.

Experience & Knowledge

Our full team of professionals is comprised of leading real estate industry experts, bringing together over 20 years of professional experience in various industry specialties including development, asset management, sales, marketing, and real estate private equity.

Creative Thinking

At Prominent we believe that excellence is often found in the smallest details – the amenities that no other property offers, design that is both inspired and functional, and expertly devised creative collateral. We take our business seriously, and will deliver strong results for our clients at any chance we get.