Our Company Vision

We are a boutique Real Estate Firm Like No Other

Our team was assembled to bring together the brightest minds in real estate to come together to form a collective of ideas, knowledge and creative that will serve our clients like no other real estate firm. Our objective is simple, give our clients an experience like no other and the most sound advice we can provide. Everyday we work toward enhancing and advancing the livelihood of our clients. We would love to work with you. Call us to set a meeting to speak with us.

More than just Real Estate. 


Real estate is a cyclical business, there are ups and downs, the only constant is the people. So when we built Prominent Real Estate services we decided we want to put the people we work with first. We wanted to give them massive value regardless of what the market is doing. The best way to do that was to give the best possible advice and provide and extreme level of transparency to people so we could all deal in an comfortable, honest and trustworthy way.

Today people trust us with their business, their homes, and their investments. We strive to provide a exemplary level of quality no matter who you are or the size of your transactions. Our business thrives when you do, so we are first and foremost here to serve you.

A Collective Team 

At Prominent we believe a team is better than one individual. That is why everyone we employ does what they are best at. We start with why not have the best mind on the team focus entirely what they are good at. Then give them an environment where they can thrive by providing continuous support and encouragement.

Continued Education 

We believe education keeps us fresh and ahead of the game. This means we will go out and gain the skills that are necessary in our business. This could mean learning more about contracts, media buying or even learn more about neighbourhood community plans in cities so our clients can use this information to their benefit.


Most firms operate with untrustworthy toxics environments. We support all our agents from the newest to the most senior. Our team concept ensures everyone at the firm knows what deals & projects each other is working on and we provide worth while advice to help them get their outcomes faster.